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We define a Structured Product as: "An investment backed by a significant counterparty (or counterparties) where the returns are defined by reference to a defined underlying measurement (such as the FTSE 100 index) and delivered at a defined date (or dates)."

Since their first introduction into the UK retail investment space twenty years ago, Lowes has been reviewing and selectively recommending structured products. Having built a reputation by being the first to publicly warn about the products that ultimately became known of as precipice bonds and subsequently operating consumer and industry facing websites dedicated to the investment sector, Lowes are now recognised as one of the UK’s leading authorities in this field. As such, we are often the first point of contact for both consumer and trade press looking for unbiased and objective comments on all structured products matters. is our dedicated research service for financial services professionals and boasts over 10,000 registrations. The service is utilised by other IFAs as a one stop source of comprehensive information and education tools on structured products and is the primary structured product research tool for many firms.

Our consumer site, has evolved from our original website that served to warn investors away from the worst of the early iterations of the sector. It is used by those who wish to gain an insight into what the sector has to offer and those who are confident to invest without advice.

Lowes have produced a comprehensive guide to Structured Products which can be downloaded here.

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