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One of our core objectives at Lowes is building long term relationship with our clients in order to help you build and preserve your family wealth for generations. Our highly qualified team will work together to deliver the best possible returns, based on an implicit understanding of your financial circumstances, risk preference, expectations and needs.

Every client receives a comprehensive financial review in order to build, assess and adjust their financial wealth. This thorough fact-find process will establish financial values objectives and will be maintained by a Lowes Consultant, together with an extensive support network of highly qualified Technical, Investment, Research and Administration teams.

1. Free Initial Meeting

In an initial meeting, a Lowes Consultant will determine your financial objectives by conducting a full review of your lifestyle objectives and attitude to risk . This meeting is without cost and without obligation, and no actions will be taken without your agreement. An initial meeting helps us gain a greater insight into your current situation and long-term goals as well as giving us the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

2. Full Analysis

During your initial meeting, your Lowes Consultant will conduct a full analysis of your current financial circumstances using Lowes bespoke fact- find process. This comprehensive investigation into your financial position will help ascertain your lifestyle objections and investment attributes, as well as identifying any existing pensions and investments arrangements you currently have in place.

3. Action Plan

Using all information collected during our fact find process and in conjunction with our highly qualified technical team, a full written report will be produced detailing all proposed recommendations for appropriate products and investments, including any changes to your existing arrangements where appropriate.

4. Implementation

Your Lowes Consultant will present the action plan to you in a written recommendation document which you can keep and refer to in the future. If you do not wish to proceed with the business proposed, you will not be charged.

5. Bespoke Solutions

You will now have your own investment portfolio & planning solutions tailored to your individual financial needs.

Continous Client Care

We understand that your financial objectives won’t be static. This is why all Lowes clients will be offered the following service as standard:

  • Access to your own personal Consultant. We will be available to you in person, over the phone or by email to answer your questions and discuss any concerns or changes to your circumstances.
  • Your own investment portfolio and planning solutions tailored to your own individual needs.
  • Regular review meetings to make sure that any changes to your personal circumstances can be made in a timely manner.
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of your investment portfolio and financial plan.
  • Six monthly investment report by post and online report access at any time.
  • Regular communication, such as particular investment opportunities and market commentaries from one of the members of our highly qualified investment team.
  • Quarterly issue of our highly regarded Lowes magazine produced by our in-house editorial team.
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